What is Our Mission?

To demonstrate God’s love by ministering to underprivileged, abused, abandoned and orphaned children, irrespective of race, creed or religion for the enhancement of their holistic well-being.


Objectives of Rumah Sayangan

To operate homes in which the abused, underprivileged and less fortunate children of our society can have their various needs met.

To counsel parents whose children are in our home and by the time the children leave our home:

1.     They will be able to abide by the principles of the Rukunegara and Bible.

2.     Both parents and children will be reconciled to one another and have their hurts healed.


Vision Statement

Rumah Sayangan - a LOVING FAMILY

Every Child:

·         a DISCIPLINED individual

·         a COMPASSIONATE being

·         a RESPONSIBLE citizen


What is the Requirement for Admission?

The children should belong to any of the following categories:

1.     Those who are abused, abandoned or neglected by parents who themselves are in need of help because of problems due to alcohol, drug’s, illness or imprisonment.

2.     Those that are without parents or next-of-kin to nurture them.

3.     Those who are underprivileged and have parents whom are incapable whatsoever of providing for their basic needs.

There should be substantial evidence for all the above categories. The parents or referral person will be interviewed by the Management Committee or its representatives who will then discuss the validity and urgency of each case and will make a decision thereon.


What are Our Future Plans?

It is our desire to see God continue his mighty works through this ministry of caring. We would like:

·         To expand the ministry 

1.     Capability to take in more children who are needy.

2.     More people will join hands with us in providing financial assistance / food provisions.

3.     Better accommodations facilities.

4.     More committed full time staff.

·         Acquire a property of our own to house the children

Find more details about Rumah Sayangan, please contact us.



To date a total of more than 99 children has passed through our doors, majority of whom have been reconciled with loved ones/next-of-kin.

Current Children       - 18 (10 girls and 8 boys, ages range from 6 years to 20 years)

Community work      - 8 families are receiving monthly food provisions

Staff                       - 4 caregivers (for the day and night shifts)

                             - 1 cook (part-time)



We started operations on 1st April 1989 as a department under Charis Christian Centre.  Since 1997, we are registered separately as a legal entity under the Registrar of Society  (reg. no. 2639/97), and under the Care Centre Act, 1993 with our annual operating license given by the Welfare Department, Kuala Lumpur.





What are our needs? It costs approximately RM18, 000 per month to maintain the 3 homes, currently accommodating 18 children.

The expenses include: * Children’s Education * Food and Provision * Housekeeping * Rental * Utilities * Repairs and Maintenance * Administration * Staff Emoluments and Others

Our regular needs are: * Financial * Food provision-perishable and non-perishable * Toiletries-soap, soap powder, toothpaste, shampoo, faces powder, hair cream, etc. * Detergents for dishes, floors, bathrooms. * Stationary-pens, pencils, paints and crayon, exercise books, etc.

NB: For cheques donation, kindly make payment in favour of “Persatuan Rumah Sayangan”.  If taexemption receipt is needed kindly advise name & I/C No.



Volunteers & manpower to join hands in helping the children through giving tuition, encouraging them, showing that they are loved and not unwanted, gardening and other household and outdoor activities.


Contact Us


12-16 Jalan Siput 3

Taman Billion


56000 K.L.

Tel. No.                     : (H) 03-9131 4339       (O) 03-9130 3687

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Charissa Giam h/p       : 012-9513557

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