When did CHARIS-NKF Dialysis Centre Start?

It started in 1997 when Pastor Lawrence Yap had a burden to help the lower income people in their dialysis treatments. People of all races, religion and ages of lower income are welcome to apply to be admitted to the centre for treatment.



1)  “Helping People – with no strings attached”.

2)  To cultivate a friendly, caring and a supportive environment for patients to have dialysis treatments - there is still hope and meaning in life.


Who operates the CHARIS-NKF Dialysis Centre?

CHARIS-NKF Dialysis Centre is a joint project between Charis Christian Centre and the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia. The space and all the equipments cost are raised by Charis Christian Centre. The Church & NKF also take care of the patients' welfare & counseling support. The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia is responsible for the medical expertise of the Centre, in terms of doctor, nurses and maintaining the standard quality treatment. 


How is the centre funded?

The annual expenses of the centre is approximately RM3 million per annum. This amount is funded through a pool fund which derives its income from public donations, patients' contributions and government grants. 


Help Needed!

1)  Financial Needs (eg. looking for a job, subsidy for dialysis treatments, financial planning, injection, etc.) 

2)  Emotional Needs – Visitation, listening ear, etc.


Contact us: (O) 03-9132 8193
                   (O) 03-9132 8194
                   Address : 52-62 Jalan Siput Akek
                                   Taman Billion Cheras 
                                   Kuala Lumpur 56000