Charis Christian Centre (CCC) as it is known today, is a growing and community oriented Assemblies of God Church situated in Cheras. The buildings facilitate a counselling centre, the Charis-NKF dialysis centre and diverse social concern ministries to serve the community. The Church ministers to a growing congregation through her Life Groups (Home Fellowship) ministry structure.

The history of CCC can be traced back to January 1971 when Rev Dorcas Wong Lai Meng started a pioneering work in Kampung Cochrane. The work was then named “Kampung Cochrane Chapel” and it began as a small kindergarten conducting children’s story hour sessions and Sunday school classes. Pastor Dorcas persisted in prayer and relentlessly preached God’s Word to the illiterate Chinese villagers who were unreceptive and unresponsive to God’s Word. Finally her first converts were students.

Pastor Dorcas pressed on with the ministry and renamed the church “Grace Assembly” in September 1973 to acknowledge God’s all sufficient grace in the church’s moment of trial. (Later, this was how the present church’s name “Charis” – Greek word for “Grace” originated). In April 1975, Rev Michael Liau, who was a fresh graduate from Ecclesia Bible College in Shatin, Hong Kong, joined the church as an assistant pastor. The church then began a bilingual ministry that ushered in the English educated students. On June 1, 1976, Pastor Dorcas handed the pastorate to Pastor Michael Liau. Shortly after, the church shifted to Bolton Gardens (now called Taman Midah) which was then the largest housing area in Cheras. Under Pastor Michael Liau’s leadership, the church grew and had to move to a double storey house in January 30, 1977. By the end of the year, the church had 45 faithful members. By the end of 1978, Grace Assembly had to shift again and this time to a double storey bungalow at No.1 Jalan Midah 9 in Taman Midah. The church had 60 members then. In 1979, Grace Assembly planted another outreach, Alleluia Assembly in Salak South.

On April 6, 1980, to accelerate growth, the church was separated into two different departments – Chinese and English speaking congregations. The English Department remained in Taman Midah while the Chinese Department moved to downtown - Hotel Malaya. In the same year, Grace Assembly planted another three churches, Saving Grace Assembly in Selayang Baru, Shekinah Assembly in Taman Desa and Agape Assembly in Seremban.

On November 1980, Grace Assembly became a sovereign church with 94 registered members and an average Sunday congregation of 150 people. The Chinese Department shifted at the end of the year to Bangunan Pak Peng in Petaling Street.

In 1981, Grace Assembly bought over the bungalow in Taman Midah. On May 3, 1983, Grace Assembly registered itself under a new name, “Gereja Grace”.  

By the end of the year, Gereja Grace had 166 registered members and an average Sunday congregation of 227.

In 1985, the church grew tremendously and the Chinese Department had to move to a bigger premise at Plaza Petaling in Petaling Street. In June, the English Department shifted to a bigger premise in 18A and 18B Jalan Siput Akek in Taman Billion. On July 23, 1985, “Gereja Grace” changed its name to Gereja Charis to distinguish itself from many other churches also named “Gereja Grace” or “Grace Assembly”. The years of 1988 to 1994 saw a great work of God in both churches. The Chinese Department led by Reverend Michael Liau, started old folks homes and other ministries.

Gereja Charis (English) came under the leadership of Rev Lawrence Yap as the Senior Pastor in 1987. By then the two departments became autonomous , being self – supporting and self- governing and took upon two different directions. In April 1989, the church started her first social concern ministry known as “Rumah Sayangan” which is a home for underprivileged and abandoned children.

On August 9, 1992, the church was officially registered under its current name, “Charis Christian Centre” with the Registrar of Society. CCC started a English service and a Chinese service on February 21, 1993, to facilitate further growth.

By 1995, the church negotiated and purchase a row of 5 four- storey shophouses right at the entrance of Taman Billion, Cheras. The purchase and renovation works was completed by 1997. By 21 Dec.1997, the two halls meant for the English and Chinese services were completed and the first service was held there on that week.  In view of the expansion for our Charis NKF Dialysis centre, in the year 2004, we purchase another shoplot next to the current buildings thus making it as a row of 6 four - storey shop lots that houses all our ministries and departments.